Musubu - verb

  1. The point at which all things come together.
  2. The meaningful coalescence of Network Intelligence.

Musubu® is the premiere Threat Intelligence Engine for protecting your enterprise in the Age of the Internet of Things (IOT).

Musubu® represents the culmination of all of R2i’s threat-monitoring and long-term data analysis wrapped into a simple, web-based API.  Threat scores represent a combination of factors including established presence in a known class of threats, relationships to other known bad actors, and countries of origin known to harbor cyberterrorists, criminals, and state-sponsored hackers.  The RESTful API supports varying levels of output depending on depth of analysis required.

Musubu® lets you monitor every part of your network with a precision blend of network intelligence and network threat intelligence analytics providing previously unimaginable insight into network of origin, ransomware cyber-criminals, darkweb cyber-criminals, and other malicious cyber-criminals.