Musubu - verb

  1. The point at which all things come together.
  2. The meaningful coalescence of Network Intelligence.

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Musubu® is the premiere Threat Intelligence Engine for protecting your enterprise in the age of the Internet of Things (IOT).

Our network information service returns network information, threat potential score, types of observed malicious of activity, number of distinct types of malicious activity, total malicious reported observations, location information, ISP name, network type, and network group for an IP address.

Our free tier provides 50 requests per day. Find out more with our developer's documentation, or sign up for an access key.

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"zipcode": 52100",
"ispname":"WestVPS LLC.",

Musubu® represents the culmination of all of R2i’s threat-monitoring and long-term data analysis wrapped into a simple, web-based API.  Threat scores represent a combination of factors including established presence in a known class of threats, relationships to other known bad actors, and countries of origin known to harbor cyberterrorists, criminals, and state-sponsored hackers.  The RESTful API supports varying levels of output depending on depth of analysis required.

Musubu® lets you monitor every part of your network with a precision blend of network intelligence and network threat intelligence analytics providing previously unimaginable insight into network of origin, ransomware cyber-criminals, darkweb cyber-criminals, and other malicious cyber-criminals.

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