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Musubu is Practical Network Intelligence.

Are you a Network Analyst? Using Shodan?

Complement your info with Musubu.

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You Want to Know:

  • Network Information by IP Address
  • How Trustworthy is a Network
  • How Secure Are My Endpoints
  • Location & Registration Info
  • ISP Information

We Give You:

  • “Threat Potential” Score
  • Malicious Activity Indicators
  • Types of Malicious Activity
  • Total Measurement of Malicious Activity
  • ISP Name, Network Type, and Group
  • Network Location - verb

1. The point at which all things come together.
2. The meaningful coalescence of Network Intelligence.

Musubu Turns Network Information Into a Useful Tool

Perform Network Surveys
Evaluate Your Own Networks
Identify Malware and Malicious Activity
Do Cyber Risk Management
Secure New Clients
Gain Competitive Edge
“The Musubu tool has been a great asset to our company and clients. It allows us to quickly filter out non-actionable [false positive] entities and focus on the true threats to the organization, hence increasing our efficiency and responsiveness to our clients.” Stan Blanton

CTO, @Risk Technologies

Join Customers Across the Industry Spectrum:

Health Care



Information Technology


Financial Services




The info you need now. No muss. No fuss.

Before wasting time with other complex tools, use Musubu first to find out if you need to dig deeper. Our API is quick and simple to use. A great complement for other tool outputs that really rounds out your data picture. We are partnering with to help customers get into quick investment and trade.

“Musubu integration with our SIEM reduces time to action by as much as 25% relying on proofed information. Our cybersecurity threat hunters are able to action security events with a higher degree of confidence and focus more on containment and mitigation actions rather than context building activities.” A prominent Michigan-based healthcare system

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