API Pricing

Get affordable access to all the IP data you need from one API. Sign up now, cancel anytime.

FREE – $0

Use our MusubuApp Web Interface to query up to 50 IPs at once
Need something custom or a FREE API trial?


Is there a free trial?
We offer free access to explore Musubu API data via our simple user interface at https://musubuapp.io for up to 50 IP addresses at a time. If you need to test the API connection itself, email us your company email, phone, address and website URL to sales@musubu.io and we’ll give you a free 7-day trial.
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes, you can cancel your API subscription plan at any time. You will be billed through the current billing cycle, then canceled before the next. There are no refunds of past cycles. Email billing@musubu.io to cancel.
Can I get help connecting to the API?
Yes, we offer support through support@musubu.io, but getting connected is simple. Just follow the documentation on our Developers page. If you need help, email us at support@musubu.io.
I signed up and paid but where do I get my API key?
Sit tight. An API key will be emailed to you in just a few minutes. We promise.
I have my API key but I get authentication errors when connecting. What's wrong?
When we send you your API key, we also ask for a list of IP addresses to whitelist. If you have not sent them yet, please reply to the API key email with the IPs or email the IPs to support@musubu.io.
What if I need other data added to the API?
We love feature and data addition requests, so please send them along to support@musubu.io.
How will you track my usage?
We’ll email you as you approach your monthly plan limit. When you sign up and pay, we send you an API key that we use to monitor your usage.